Results: Expectations vs. Reality

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as; improvement, achievement and success have no meaning” – Benjamin Franklin.

If you follow me on social media, then you will already know that on Friday the 7th July the University of Chester released their exam results. For third year students, this meant we would find out our degree classification which we would be graduating with. In my previous blog, I mentioned how nervous I was to receive my results as I had worked so hard and I was hoping that this would be reflected in my grades. When I heard the news that people had found out their results I could not bring myself to open my own. My friends were posting in the group chat their achievements which made me so proud, nonetheless, I could not open my own. I waited in suspense for my mum to return home from work so I could open them with her. When she finally got back I plucked up the courage…the website began loading…and before I knew it, my results were in front of me. I SCREAMED with joy as I read “Bachelor of Laws with Honours, Class two, Division One 2.1”. My mum began crying, I began crying and then my sister too! I’m not usually an emotional person but I was so overwhelmed in the very moment. I had achieved exactly what I wanted, SUCCESS!


To celebrate, my mum and I went to pizza express for dinner which went down a treat (if you know me, pizza is always a good idea!). It was a busy evening for my family as it was also the night of my sister’s prom. Over the following week, I received numerous congratulations cards and gifts from my family and friends, the support has been amazing and I could not be happier with my achievement. I am looking forward to graduating in October with the rest of my friends who have all done amazing!


Pizza Express, Nottingham.


After finding out my results, I knew it was time to start searching and applying for jobs (this is where the expectation part comes in to play). So, after hearing “a law degree will open many doors for you” I did not think it would be such a problem, but oh gee I was so wrong. Finding employment is super hard! In fact, applying for jobs is like a full-time job itself after filling out the 20 pages of details about myself repetitively.


Originally, I planned to study the Legal Practice Course (LPC) alongside a legal research masters at Nottingham Trent University this upcoming September. However, after moving back home reality has struck me and I have now decided that I do not want to take another student loan on top of the one I borrowed for my undergraduate Law degree. The LPC is a one year programme which costs a total of £12,600 and for me right now it would not be financially practical. Unless I win the lottery before September I must postpone this plan for now. I am gutted as I had hoped on entering a legal career, and without the LPC I am limited in the legal sector. Additionally, most paralegal positions require extensive legal experience, something which I am short of.


I have looked at all my potential options and have now decided that I am going to enter straight into full-time employment. Perhaps by this time next year or in a few years from now, I will consider the LPC again. Alternatively, this gives me chance to gain invaluable legal experience or pursue another type of career. Furthermore, I have also kept in mind that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have confirmed that the LPC will be scrapped by 2020 and will be replaced by a ‘solicitor super exam’. Therefore, in my opinion, perhaps it will be better to wait and explore other options for now.



Anyway, finding employment has not been easy at all! I have researched graduate schemes and applied for hundreds of positions and I am still unemployed!!! Every day I apply for more and more jobs, I just hope that something will come from my applications soon. I am not the type of person who can do nothing all day, I like to keep myself occupied and I enjoy being busy so the last few weeks have been tedious, to say the least.


On a more positive note, I have three days work experience scheduled with the Police beginning tomorrow which will give me a slight break from all my job applications if not anything else.

Please follow my blog if you want to keep up to date with my journey. And always remember; sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life ♥.

Until next time,

Gee x


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